Preliminary Investigations
Working according to the needs and expectations of the Client, preliminary assessment of all information and data, including assessment of site conditions, regarding the proposed project in order to advice on technical feasibility and approaches to be followed in implementation

Feasibility Studies
A more comprehensive appraisal of global and site-specific conditions in order to present alternative approaches to the Client. This will enable the Client to make decisions regarding viability and on options for further development

Economic Valuations
Through detailed analysis of current and projected costs and revenues, our experts will present a comprehensive financial and economic analysis which is key for informed decision making.

Master Plans
Our Experts will assist the Client in developing solutions for a wide variety of infrastructure systems and networks covering a specified geographical boundary and for a specified future period.

Detailed Project Designs
Based on more detailed analysis of conceptual analysis of the available options, we will carry out detailed designs including more in-depth field investigations, advanced analysis of the various factors that will determining selection, dimensioning and placement of the project components.

Contract Drawings
Our Engineering Drawings are produced to the highest technical standards and details using the latest software

Contract Documents
Based on the needs of the Client and the complexity of the project, comprehensive documentation will be produced to enable efficient procurement and cost control

Cost Estimates
We will prepare the appropriate Engineering Estimate for the project to enable informed decision making by the client. The Estimate is based on our detailed knowledge of the market conditions and analysis of market trends

Evaluation of Tenders
We provide expert advice and assistance to the Client through the various stages of the procurement process including packaging of contract documents, guiding the advertising process, pre-bid and pre-proposal conferencing, developing bid evaluation criteria, and evaluation of submitted bids

Contract Administration
We provide expert Consultancy services to guide the Client through all the stages required for the successful execution of Works Contracts.

Contract Supervision
We provide, for and on behalf of the Client, Supervision services in Civil Engineering Works to ensure that the works are completed to a high standard, with optimal costs and budgets in accordance with the contract documentation and highest Engineering standards

Project Management
TCL has a vast network of highly experienced managers that have taken up management of various projects. Our team forms together with a mix of various professional teams throughout the initiation, planning, execution and operational phases. We bring all these teams together to determine the best approach to handle your project and keep it on schedule.