Trio Consultants Limited has been in existence since 1994. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in each of our departmental units which in turn guarantees that our clients will get the best guarantee of success in their projects.

Trio Consultants Limited has the expertise and capacity to undertake large capital-intensive projects, developmental projects and infrastructure-based projects. We have a good track record of delivering consistently high-quality services in the projects we have undertaken. For close to 24 years, we have been involved in numerous projects around East & Central Africa involving, structural engineering, water and waste water management, dam construction and irrigation, mechanical and electrical, transportation, roads and bridges, safety and the environment and health and health related structures.

We have great people working for us and we have the ability to assemble a team of experts quickly for projects that require a wider scope. We have always maintained a great relationship with our peers and have built one of the strongest networks of engineers in East & Central Africa. Our experts have mentored and trained some of the best engineers in Uganda and continue to hold open the door for a new generation of engineers.

Our longevity, expertise, high quality and integrity make Trio Consultants Limited the engineering firm you should work with in the future.

Our vision: To be the Leading Engineering Consultancy Firm.


Trio Consultants Limited is committed to providing quality professional services, developing and retaining long-term relationships, adapting to the changing needs of our clients, meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations, and thus contributing positively to improved living standards for the individuals, communities and other end users in the infrastructure projects.

Trio Consultants was founded in 1994 as a Private limited liability company incorporated in Uganda. The policy of the company is to provide engineering consultancy services suited to the needs of developing countries to both public and private clients. This policy includes specialization in engineering infrastructure works under the direction of Uganda Association of registered engineers, and any other expertise as deemed necessary by the consultancy to achieve the best and suitable level of engineering output desired by the client.